Allergy Testing

Just like in people our pets can develop allergies too. Our pets can be allergic to anything from food to environmental factors. If left untreated allergies will worsen overtime.

WE can help you identify and treat the allergy successfully by providing allergy testing which includes a simple blood test for allergen identification, followed by immunotherapy treatment.

We test your pets’ serum for sensitivity to a panel of outdoor allergens (such as grasses, trees and weeds) specific to your geographic region, as well as common indoor allergens (such as dust mites, tobacco and dander.) Insect and food allergy testing are also available.

If you think you pet is experiencing allergy symptoms such as, chewing, biting, licking, intense itching or scratching, hair loss or inflamed skin, runny eyes or sneezing, ear inflammation, vomiting or diarrhea, Call Us or Make an Appointment online and together we can decide on a successful treatment plan for the comfort of your pet.

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