Our Veterinary Care

“What is the Best in Veterinary Care?”

We know the answer!

At A.P.A.W. our team continually strives to provide a family oriented, caring atmosphere so that you and your pet receive individualized attention and customized treatment.

We use advanced technology and surgical techniques, and follow state-of-the-art diagnostic protocols.

We offer specialty diagnostic services such as ultrasonography, tonometry, and endoscopy.

We are equipped to perform thorough dental cleaning, oral surgery, radiology, in-house laboratory testing and laser therapy.

We provide overnight hospitalization and care as well as boarding during those special holidays and occasions.

We are committed to educating you and our team in all areas that enhance pet care and that pet bond. Our teams participate in all levels of veterinary training and we offer in-house tours for small groups, educational seminars to schools and local pet care organizations.

We engage with our community, neighborhood events, pet expos and encourage volunteers.

We stay connected through local newspapers and your local news stations.

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