End Of Life Care

We are ready to help when you pet nears the end of natural life or when it is deemed necessary to perform euthanasia. Our skilled and compassionate team provides the care and support you need at this difficult time.

We also provide other support resources to assist with your pet’s end of life care. 

We partner with Agape Pet Services to assist with our patients' aftercare. Additional information about Agape can be found by visiting their website

We understand that losing a beloved pet is never easy. There are no right or wrong to grieve the loss of a pet. But know, there are resources to help you and your family. 

Dedicated grief counselors are available 24/7 on the Pet Compassion Care Line powered by Gateway. If you ever need them, please do hesitate to call 1 (855) 245-8214.

Not ready to call? You can use this digital booklet as a support guide for you and your family. 

There are a variety of options to honor and memorialize our beloved four-legged family member. Here are a few unique memorial to consider for your fur-babies: 

 DNA Jewelry: perpetuadnajewels.com

 Glass Jewelry: soulbursts.com

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