COVID-19 Update

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our pets and our community.

Important Update from APAW

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to adjust our communication and appointment processes to keep you and our team safe. We hope that in addition to staying safe, you and your families are staying mentally and physically well.

To Our New Pet Owners and Clients

As result of the pandemic, many veterinary practices including APAW have seen an increase in pet ownership and thus an increased need for pet care. Many have taken the opportunity of “working from home” for training and bonding with their new family member. While there may be other reasons for this increase, as pet advocates, we wholeheartedly hope that these pets are in their “forever homes.” We welcome any questions you have about caring for your pets.

To Our Seasoned Clientele

Understandably, with the increase in pet ownership, our doctors and staff are required to spend time caring, sharing and educating many new clients. This demand has impacted our appointment availability, but we want you to know that we will continue to do our best in accommodating your pets, our patients. We appreciate your patience, support, encouragement and your commitment to using our services.

As we aim to provide an experience that allows you to visit APAW with confidence, we will continue to prioritize and treat sick pets and adjust our availability for urgent cases.

Our Role in Protecting our Clients and Our Team

We take our role seriously in preventing and minimizing the spread of COVID-19. While being masked, we now have to rely more so on tone of voice, eyes, and of course, body language to impart or communicate information.

We understand the emotional challenges resulting from not being present in the exam rooms (configuration of rooms does not allow for safety distancing) and this is in no way easy for us as a team. We continue to appreciate the trust placed in us for allowing the physical distancing that is currently being practiced through our curbside veterinary care.

Looking to the Future

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, we will update you on any additional accommodations that will be implemented for your comfort and safety.

Safety Distancing Inside APAW
We are arranging our lobby area to accommodate for safe distancing. Please call the front desk at the time of your arrival so a seating area can be assigned to you for your appointment. 

A face mask covering nose and mouth is recommended at
all times.

If anyone has special needs, please let our team know at the time of scheduling your appointment. We will inform you prior to arrival if our hospital can meet or satisfy your request.

Curbside Service

For all our other clients, we will continue to provide curbside service if requested by the client. 
 We will conduct patient intake, assessments, check-out, and collect payments over the telephone. Please wear a face mask when speaking or engaging with our team members.

Food and Medications
We encourage you to request or refill prescription medications using our online pharmacy portalIf you are picking up prescription medication and/or food at the hospital, please call upon your arrival so that our team can direct you if our lobby is full.

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